High quality electric golf caddy - trolley - cart - Kölnex 2016 models with full remote control or easy manual control
Now with powerful lightweight lithium-ion batteries

Celebrating our 15th year of being the premier provider of quality electric golf caddies in the US !!

We are proud to be able to introduce the very best engineered, deluxe quality, electric golf caddies in the US at sensible prices. An individual model to suit the needs of every walking golfer. Powerful Lithium-ion batteries now available on all caddy models.

Our flagship model is the ground-breaking, fully remote control, model TXR360 - by far the most advanced caddy we have ever designed and made

There is also the JPL - aslo with full remote control - and two caddy models (GS4 and SMC) with manual operation - all developed by Kölnex® and Bayern Golfkart Technik®, Germany

All models are fitted with new high-tech computer controllers - redesigned drive couplings - and optional Air Tires or White Sport wheels on most models - together they clearly offer the best value for money available anywhere today.